MINIDISCS [HACKED] - Accurate Track Cues

This page provides files and information to assist in labelling and exploring MINIDISCS [HACKED]. Specifically, I have compiled a set of .cue files to supplement the official full-disc tracks by precisely place every track markers at the exact time where the original MiniDiscs cut over from one recording to the next.

The .cue files can be loaded directly into any mediaplayer with .cue support such as Foobar2000, and will enable the full-disc files to appear as individual named tracks within your playlist. Alternatively, the .cue files can be used by various audio-splitting tools to break the original full-disc files down into separate files per track. Just download the set of cues for the audio format that you downloaded from Bandcamp, unzip, and move the 18 .cue files into the folder with your audio files.

Credit and thanks to the Discord / Google Doc group who so quickly tackled each disc and compiled a rough tracklist and notes on the original leaked recordings. Using their timestamps and notes as a general guide, I was able to go straight to fine-tuning without the days or weeks that it would take to carefully explore and identify each track by myself. Thanks as well to all Reddit users who provided feedback or corrections -- especially m_cherb who very carefully reviewed each track title for accuracy and consistency.

Any corrections, suggestions, or comments are welcome and should be directed to this Reddit post.

Cue File Downloads: Latest Version v0.8

For best results, use the set of cues which matches your original download audio format.

Select your format: WAV | FLAC | ALAC | MP3 V0 | MP3 320

These are a work in progress. I've tried to get everything into pretty good shape before posting the first complete set of cues in v0.8, but there may be slight fixes or adjustments. If you wish to follow any future updates or corrections, make sure you keep your original full-disc download files. The recommendation is to delete or move older copies of the individually split tracks and re-process the entire collection with the newest set of cue files if you wish to update your files to match... until you "get bored and move on."

How To Split Each Song Into Separate Files

Continue here for automated scripts to split MP3 versions into individual files, and a walk-through of how to use foobar2000 to easily split lossless versions. These are the methods that I use and know to be fully reliable, and will not cause any loss of quality to your audio files.