This site is an information resource for MiniDiscs [Hacked], Radiohead's archival collection of recordings from the period leading up to the completion of OK Computer.

The unofficial leaked version of the recordings, known as OK Minidisc, is also addressed and all differences between the two are identified. It should be noted that OK Minidisc contains edits that were made by the leakers, or by traders who had privately circulated the recordings prior to the leak. Therefore, neither version contains the full, original contents of the MiniDiscs.

No audio recordings are provided or linked to from this site.

The site is arranged into the following sections which can be accessed from the dropdown navigation menu above:

  • Discs: Browse and explore the MiniDiscs on a disc-by-disc basis.
  • Songs: A listing of every Radiohead (or Thom solo) from the MiniDiscs. Song which appear multiple times are grouped together as a single song. The most recent title is used for songs which had multiple working titles.
  • Recordings: A listing of each different recording that is present on the MiniDiscs. Occasionally, one recording may have duplicate appearances in different tracks of the MiniDisc archive. In cases where multiple tracks contain different partial clips that appear to have originated from a single, longer recording, these are grouped together and identified a single recording.
  • Search Transcripts: A seach page. Find the source recording of remembered lyrics, comments, and dialogue.
  • Download Cue Files: Download page for .cue files that will assist in splitting and labeling the original (full-disc) audio tracks in a consistent manner with the tracklist names + timestamps given throughout this website.

Tracklist Notation

The following symbols and notation has been used for tracklists and titles:

[square brackets]: Miscellaneous (non-Radiohead) tracks such as ambient field recordings or sampled works.

{curly brackets}: Unique recording identifier (provided if the same track title has been used for multiple recordings of a song). A "part #" is used if it appears multiple excerpts have been taken from the same recorded performance. If parts overlap and could be edited back together for a seamless, continuous recording they are labeled with lowercase letters sequentially; otherwise they are numbered.

*: Emphasized track (marked by Thom with a dot, asterisk, or checkmark on original tracklists).

†: Unlisted track (the latest title is used).

‡: Entirely duplicate track (including duplicate excerpts and tape blips).

< track notes >: Additional notes about the track.

Tracks that are extremely short, unlisted fragments are specified as <tape blip>. Some of these may be related to neighboring tracks, but these fragments are too short to be of any significant interest.